The Culture of The Old South as a Model For The Future


These are links to blogs and web sites that have a close connection to Southern Agrarianism. We try to keep the list trimmed down to only those that we have personally found helpful. If you know of a link that might be a good fit here, please use the Contact page and let us know.


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Southern Agrarian Society Facebook page blog
Agrarian Society – Articles, current events, and a forum on Southern Agrarianism
Agrarian Society of Charleston Facebook page
Agrarian Society of Charleston web site
The Abbeville Institute – What is true and valuable in the Southern tradition
Future Symphony Institute – Classical music – especially live classical music – is inseparable from our culture. The pursuit of beauty is at the heart of Southern Agrarianism, and the FSI is dedicated to supporting part of what defines beauty – classical music.
The Deliberate Agrarian – A lot of wisdom packed into this well-written blog edited by Herrick Kimball.
Agrarian Nation – Agrarianism from a Northern perspective. Another great site by Herrick Kimball.
The Free Magnolia – The Voice of Southern Life and Culture

Center for Rural Affairs
Family Farm Coalition
Family Farm Defenders, Inc.
Southern Sustainable Ag.
The Livestock Conservancy

A Handbook on Southern Manners
A Wise Woman Builds Her Home
Be a Southern Gentleman – Another blog that I publish.
Charm of The Carolines
Chivalry Today – The Southern Gentleman is all about chivalry
Domestic Felicity – Family, Marriage, Womanhood, A Simple Life at Home
Etiquette with Miss Janice – Social Graces, Southern Style
Game and Garden – Stacy Harris
Home Living – Lady Lydia
Raising Homemakers – Advice on raising daughters as Christian Southern ladies
Reformation Acres
Rural Reversion blog
The Sacred Feminine
Southern Belles – site
Southern Hospitality
Southern Sayings – site
Southland Trad
Teaching Good Things – A Home Schooling resource
The Subtle Details – Family, faith, friendship, traditions, food, heritage, and those simple pleasures not found for purchase in any store