The Culture of The Old South as a Model For The Future


The Southern Agrarian Society exists to promote and be an advocate for the culture of the Old South, primarily as described in the book, I’ll Take My Stand, as a model for the future of the Southern people. This book, published in 1930, was the high-water mark of the Southern Agrarian Movement; it was written by “Twelve Southerners” who were writers, poets, novelists, and essayists based at Vanderbilt University.

Southern Agrarianism encompasses several key concepts that revolve around the fact that the Southern people are a separate and unique people – a nation, in the truest sense of the word. Major demographic shifts have resulted in a dilution and weakening of the Southern people, but we are still here. As a People. As a Nation.

Our objective here is to help gather together those who understand what it means to be of the Southern people – those who feel the pull of their ancestors – and then paint a vision of what such a nation might look like today and in the future. Seeing that vision is not enough, however; our goal is to provide a map of how to get there. The future is notoriously difficult to predict, so a good map should show several roads to the same destination.

We hope you’ll join us on that journey.